Volume 40 / Number 1 / April 2000

Lifelong learning in the community

Lifelong learning: Critical, desirable or just a good idea?

Towards maximising learning through online environments

Rural health meets the challenges of delivering national Training Packages

Spirituality and human occupation

Does studying peace make a difference? An experiment at the University of Papua New Guinea

Adult/continuing education in Indian universities

The informal teachers’ contribution to lifelong learning

Volume 40 / Number 2 / July 2000

Current problems and developments of VET in Germany – The educational case for modernization

Learning communities for social change in forums on the web

Community sustainability and adult education: Learning to build civil capital and resist corporate globalisation

Alfred North Whitehead, Process Thought, and the Religious Education of Adults

The evolution of food and wine courses at the WEA of South Australia

Environment building on total literacy campaigns in Andhra Pradesh, India

Research revisited

The learning in workteams

Volume 40 / Number 3 / November 2000

Agenda for a national association

The international importance of a national association

Early memories of the Australian Association of Adult Education

Lifelong learning: Contested ground

The rise and fall of an adult education qualification

Learning beyond the classroom

Committing to reconciliation through education

Reconciling things and being

Study of knowledge on air pollution among different categories of rural adults in India