Volume 41 / Number 1 / April 2001

Facilitating values awareness in higher education

Keynote address given at ALAs 40th National Conference

What makes a better life? The role of learning in redefining progress

Recent research on the role and contribution of ACE

The discursive construction of ACE in national policy

Promoting adult learning through State Boards

My business was not with lost souls and the underprivileged :

The contribution of Colin Badger (1906 93) to adult education in Victoria, Australia

Constructivist curriculum design for professional development: A review of the literature

Constraints to women s involvement in community development in Nigeria: Case study of Osun State, Nigeria

Volume 41 / Number 2 / July 2001

From Window Shopper to eSenior: Seniors learning online

Learning for life: Adult education in Australia

Adult Community Education Boards promoting adult learning

A study of the transformative learning process among prominent Taiwan Puyuma Aborigines

Factors influencing the completion of South Australian traineeships: A two-level HLM analysis

Competency-based training: Adult unemployed students’ perspectives of Certificate IV in Small Business Management (NEIS)

The pebble in the community pond: IYOP 1999 to IYOV 2001 ’Skill learning and general development of expertise: One solution in an inequitable, top-down system?

Volume 41 / Number 3 / November 2001

The longest war: the two traditions of adult education

Work-based learning as critical social pedagogy

‘Take this brochure …’: an analysis of current educational materials given to clients with diabetes

Rote learning in a performance-based pedagogy

Learning in time: learning from time. Some key questions for the present and future from ALA’s 40 years of learning

Tasmanian Communities Online – a new network of community education centres

‘Life Online’: access to online resources for adult students with a mild intellectual disability