Volume 42 / Number 1 / April 2002

Community development: An international exploration of practice

The use of conceptual versus physical models in teaching action research to culturally diverse student populations: A preliminary analysis

Recognition of prior learning on the web – a case of
Australian universities

Social and historical factors in the development of
Swedish adult education

Teaching reading, teaching writing

Adult learning principles and the reforms in home and
community care

Kindle that spark: Coaching and motivation

Volume 42 / Number 2 / July 2002

Maternal knowledge: Beyond formal learning

Dialogic learning in museum space

Getting to the truth: Issues in contemporary qualitative research

Role of Canadian universities in adult education

Willing workers on organic farms: cultural exchange and informal adult learning in an organisation that is voluntary, non-profit and environmentally friendly!

Empowerment of women through literacy

Literacy for a learning society

Framework failure: an analysis of a breakdown in community relations for a group of refugee doctors

Volume 42 / Number 3 / November 2002

Comparison of power relations within electronic and face-to-face classroom discussions: A case study

Online access centres and partnerships for building community capacity

An ant can eat an elephant … if it takes small enough bytes

Carers on-line

Creating new spaces: Community-controlled education

Changing times in adult literacy provision: competition or not?

All you need is a door: Access to Third Age Learning in Tasmania

The new learning concept in the Australian Broadcasting Corporation

My feral career: How Habermas led me up the garden path

How to be an effective team player