Volume 47 / Number 1 / April 2007

Getting connected: insights into social capital from recent adult learning research

A very peculiar practice? Promulgating social partnerships with small business – but what have we learnt from research and practice?

Human capital development: reforms for adult and community education

Prices and values: a perspective on adult and community education

Snapshot of a generation: bridging the theory-practice divide with project based learning

Developing speaking skills of adult learners in private universities in Bangladesh: problems and solutions

Evaluating the trainability of the enrollees of the Leventis Foundation (Nigeria) agricultural schools’ programs

Volume 47 / Number 2 /  July 2007

The origins of competency-based training

Crafting youth work training: synergising theory and practice in an Australian VET environment

Implementing an holistic approach in vocational education and training

Teaching for social capital outcomes: the case of adult literacy and numeracy courses

Adult learners online: students’ experiences of learning online

Tackling the issues and challenges of using video data in adult literacy research

Creating older adults technology training policies: lessons from community practices

Propensity to lifelong learning: reflections of a research student

Volume 47 / Number 3 /  November 2007

Transformative pedagogy for social capital

After the doctorate? Personal and professional outcomes of the doctoral learning journey

The relative value of investment in ‘second chance’ educational opportunities for adults in Sweden and Australia: a comparative analysis.

‘I’m not stupid after all’ – changing perceptions of self as a tool for transformation

Bridging to the future: what works?

Keep in mind the quality, Sir, when you go with width!

Intersection of training and podcasting in adult education

Distance education and its potential for the Red Sea nation, Eritrea – a discourse

A study of hospice nursing