Volume 49 / Number 1 /  April 2009

Conceptualising adult and continuing education practice: towards a framework for research

Informal learning: a discussion around defining and researching its breadth and importance

Foucault’s toolkit: resources for ‘thinking’ work in times of continual change

Building capacity through sustainable engagement: lessons for the learning community from the GraniteNet Project

Education at the centre? Australia’s national union education program

Leadership developmental needs – a system for identifying them

Regional academics’ perceptions of the love of learning and its importance for their students

Facilitating transformative learning: a framework for practice

Effectiveness of non-formal education programs in Nigeria: how competent are the learners in life skills?

Volume 49 / Number 2 /  July 2009

‘A reservoir of learning’: the beginnings of continuing education at the University of Sydney

North, south, least, best: geographical location and the thinking styles of Italian university students

Developing a more research-oriented and participant-directed learning culture in the Australian environmental movement

Community education and youth mentoring; how to build good practice?

Developments in intellectual property and traditional knowledge protection

The power of ‘e’: extending the ‘E’ in ACE

Community-based environmental education in the fishing villages of Tuticorin and its role on conservation of the environment

Volume 49 / Number 3 /  November 2009

Learning to be drier in the southern Murray-Darling Basin: Setting the scene for this research volume

Water, weeds and autumn leaves: learning to be drier in the Alpine region

Bearing the risk: learning to be drier mid-river

Learning to be drier: a case study of adult and community learning in the Australian Riverland

Learning to be drier in dryland country

Wicked learning: reflecting on Learning to be drier

Investigating students’ beliefs about Arabic language programs at Kuwait University

Participation of elderly women in community welfare activities in Akinyele local government, Oyo State, Nigeria