Learning to swim using video modelling and video feedback within a self-management program

Author: So-An Lao, Brett E. Furlonger, Dennis W. Moore and Margherita Busacca, Monash University

Edition: Volume 56, Number 1, April 2016

Summary: Although many adults who cannot swim are primarily interested in learning by direct coaching there are options that have a focus on self-directed learning. As an alternative a self-management program combined with video modelling, video feedback and high quality and affordable video technology was used to assess its effectiveness to assisting an adult to develop and practice swimming skills. The participant was a 36 year-old non-swimmer who had previously attempted unsuccessfully to learn to swim on previous occasions. A single subject design with baseline, intervention and 12-month postintervention phase were conducted. Dependent variables included a continuous 25-metre swimming distance goal using the freestyle stroke. After a 13-week intervention phase the continuous swimming distance had increased to 25 metres. For this adult participant, selfmanaged learning proved to be an effective way to learn to swim and greatly improved her confidence around deep water.

Keywords: self-management, video, modelling, feedback, swimming, adult

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This article is part of AJAL, Volume 56_1. The entire volume is available in .pdf for purchase here.

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