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Remaking education from below: the Chilean student movement as public pedagogy

Author: Jo Williams, Victoria University Edition: Volume 55, Number 3, November 2015 Summary:  This article considers the Chilean student movement and its ten-year struggle for public education as an example of public pedagogy. Secondary and university students, along with the

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The ‘accidental activist’: learning, embodiment and action

Author/s: Tracey Ollis Edition: Volume 48, Number 2, July 2008 Summary: The 21st century has seen renewed interest in activism, community development and social change globally (Kenny 2006). This paper outlines the educational significance of the learning practices of activists

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Cultural codes as catalysts for collective conscientisation in environmental adult education: Mr Floatie, tree squatting and save-our-surfers

Author/s: Pierre Walter Edition: Volume 52, Number 1, April 2012 Summary: This study examines how cultural codes in environmental adult education can be used to ‘frame’ collective identity, develop counter- hegemonic ideologies, and catalyse ‘educative-activism’ within social movements.

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