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Insights into attrition from university-based enabling programs

Author: Cheryl Bookallil and Bobby Harreveld CQUniversity, Australia Edition: Volume 57, Number 1, April 2017 Summary: High attrition rates from university-based enabling programs continue to be the subject of much research and administrative effort. Understanding the factors behind decisions to withdraw

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Second chance education: barriers, supports and engagement strategies

Author: Harry Savelsberg, Sylvia Pignata, Pauline Weckert University of South Australia Edition: Volume 57, Number 1, April 2017 Summary: Second chance education programs are now a well-established presence in institutions seeking to provide access and equity pathways for socio-economically disadvantaged groups.

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Tertiary study: Barriers and benefits for health and human services professionals

Author: Amy Gibbons, University of Tasmania Edition: Volume 53, Number 3, November 2013 Summary:   Results from two 2012 surveys exploring the barriers and benefits of tertiary study for staff within the Tasmanian Department of Health and Human Services suggest that encouraging

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Adult learning and recognition of prior learning: The “white elephant” in Australian universities

Author: Tricia A Fox, Faculty of Education, Queensland University of Technology Edition: Volume 45, Number 3, November 2005 Summary:  Adult learners are being attracted to university programs based on the granting of either academic credit or the recognition of prior learning

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‘I’m not stupid after all’ – changing perceptions of self as a tool for transformation

Author/s: Ms Julie Willans and Ms Karen Seary Edition: Volume 47, Number 3, November 2007 Summary: When adult learners return to formal education after a period of absence, coping with change is a constant and often omnipresent challenge. As they come

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An appreciative inquiry into the transformative learning experiences of students in a family literacy project

Author/s: David Giles and Sharon Alderson Edition: Volume 48, Number 3, November 2008 Summary: Educational discourse has often struggled to genuinely move beyond deficit-based language. Even action research, a predominant model for teacher development, starts with the identification of a

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“Do the thing you think you cannot do”: The imperative to be an adult learner in order to be a more effective adult educator

Author/s: Janet MacLennan Edition: Volume 48, Number 2, July 2008 Summary: Despite the fact that we are learning more and more about the particular challenges and possibilities of teaching adult learners, we may still be overlooking – or forgetting –

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Secondary level re-entry of young Canadian adult learners

Author/s: Cassandra MacGregor, Thomas G. Ryan Edition: Volume 51, Number 1, April 2011 Summary: This paper illuminates and details some of the traits, pressures and semi-autonomy of the young adult between the ages of 18 and 24 who must confront

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Adults engaged in lifelong learning in Taiwan: Analysis by gender and socioeconomic status

Author/s: Dian-Fu Chang, Ming-Lieh Wu and Sung-Po Lin Edition: Volume 52, Number 2, July 2012 Summary: This study examines the nature of adult engagement in lifelong learning in Taiwan.

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