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Insights into attrition from university-based enabling programs

Author: Cheryl Bookallil and Bobby Harreveld CQUniversity, Australia Edition: Volume 57, Number 1, April 2017 Summary: High attrition rates from university-based enabling programs continue to be the subject of much research and administrative effort. Understanding the factors behind decisions to withdraw

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Second chance education: barriers, supports and engagement strategies

Author: Harry Savelsberg, Sylvia Pignata, Pauline Weckert University of South Australia Edition: Volume 57, Number 1, April 2017 Summary: Second chance education programs are now a well-established presence in institutions seeking to provide access and equity pathways for socio-economically disadvantaged groups.

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Protest music as adult education and learning for social change: a theorisation of a public pedagogy of protest music

Author: John Haycock, Monash University Edition: Volume 55, Number 3, November 2015 Summary:  Since the 1960’s, the transformative power of protest music has been shrouded in mythology. Sown by musical activists like Pete Seeger, who declared that protest music could

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How a personal development program enhances social connection and mobilises women in the community

Authors: Nandila Spry, Hillsong City Care and Southern Cross University: Teresa Marchant, Griffith University Summary:  Gender equity and the empowerment of women is a significant international issue. Successful adult education programs are vital to enhance women’s situation. Lessons learned from a

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Learning and leadership: Evaluation of an Australian rural leadership program

Authors: Wendy Madsen, Cathy O’Mullan and Helen Keen-Dyer, Central Queensland University Summary:  Leadership programs have been extensively promoted in rural communities in Australia. However, few have been evaluated. The results of the evaluation of a rural leadership program provided in this

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Introduction: Why food? Why pedagogy? Why adult education

Author/s:   Rick Flowers and Elaine Swan: University of Technology, Sydney Edition: Volume 52, Number 3, Nov 2012 Summary:   We convened this special issue on Food pedagogies to start to address what we saw as lacunae in both research on adult education

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Learning in the knowledge age, where the individual is at the centre of learning strategy and organisational success

Author/s: Carmel Kostos Edition: Volume 46, Number 1, April 2006 Summary: Adult learning practitioners are being challenged to prepare for a revolution in the way workplace learning outcomes will be delivered. Recent thinking on the future of work by a

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Getting connected: insights into social capital from recent adult learning research

Author/s: Barry Golding Edition: Volume 47, Number 1, April 2007 Summary: This paper begins by teasing out the nature of social capital and its particular and current relevance to adult learning policy and practice in Australia. The paper identifies a

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Learning to be drier in dryland country

Author/s: Erica Smith & Coral Campbell Edition: Volume 49, Number 3, November 2009 Summary: This research project, part of a much larger study, considered how people in regional communities learnt to deal with the impact of reduced water availability as a

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Facilitating transformative learning: a framework for practice

Author/s: Judi Apte Edition: Volume 49, Number 1, April 2009 Summary: This paper explores some of the challenges that are involved in facilitating transformative learning. It presents a framework for practice that considers transformative learning from the perspective of the

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