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Reaching for the arts in unexpected places: public pedagogy in the gardens

Author: Ligia Pelosi, Victoria University Edition: Volume 55, Number 3, November 2015 Summary:  What constitutes public pedagogy? The term is broad and can be applied in so many situations and settings to the learning that occurs outside of formal schooling.

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How a personal development program enhances social connection and mobilises women in the community

Authors: Nandila Spry, Hillsong City Care and Southern Cross University: Teresa Marchant, Griffith University Summary:  Gender equity and the empowerment of women is a significant international issue. Successful adult education programs are vital to enhance women’s situation. Lessons learned from a

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Literacy strategies used by adults with intellectual disability in negotiating their everyday community environments

Authors: Michelle F. Morgan, Karen B. Moni and Monica Cuskelly; University of Queensland Edition: Volume 53, Number 3, November 2013 Summary:    This paper presents the findings from one part of a participatory research investigation about the literacy strategies used by three

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The public sale of funds for Indigenous education: a perspective from Tranby Aboriginal College

Author: Kate Munro, Tranby Aboriginal College Edition: Volume 45, Number 2, July 2005 Summary:  The discussion begins with an overview of the historical struggle for independence in Indigenous education and highlights the success in the provision of quality education by the

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Water, weeds and autumn leaves: learning to be drier in the Alpine region

Author/s: Annette Foley & Lauri Grace Edition: Volume 49, Number 3, November 2009 Summary: Our paper explores how and what adults living and working in the Alpine region of Victoria understand and are learning about the changes to water availability,

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The power of ‘e’: extending the ‘E’ in ACE

Author/s: Jane Anderson Edition: Volume 49, Number 2, July 2009 Summary: Over the past decade or so, an educational evolution has been redefining our understanding and practices of adult community education (ACE) in profound and comprehensive ways. The name of

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The learning projects of rural third age women: enriching a valuable community resource

Author/s: Glenna Lear Edition: Volume 51, Number 4, Special edition, December 2011 Summary: As a third age PhD candidate with a passion for learning, I wanted to explore the learning of other rural third age women who live on the

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The educative role of a regional newspaper: Learning to be drier

Author/s: Coral Campbell, Erica Smith and Emma Siesmaa Edition: Volume 51, Number 2, July 2011 Summary: Throughout the world, people have to deal with the issues of global warming and other more direct consequences of environmental change.

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Educational alternatives in food production, knowledge and consumption: The public pedagogies of Growing Power and Tsyunhehkw^

Author/s: Pierre Walter Edition: Volume 52, Number 3, November 2012 Summary: This paper examines how two sites of adult learning in the food movement create educational alternatives to the dominant U.S. food system.

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Learning cities as healthy green cities: Building sustainable opportunity cities

Author/s: Peter Kearns Edition: Volume 52, Number 2, July 2012 Summary: This paper discusses a new generation of learning cities we have called EcCoWell cities (Economy, Community, Well-being).

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