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Just another student survey? – Point-of-contact survey feedback enhances the student experience and lets researchers gather data

Author: Warren Lake, William Boyd, Wendy Boyd and Suzi Hellmundt Southern Cross University Edition: Volume 57, Number 1, April 2017 Summary: When student surveys are conducted within university environments, one outcome of feedback to the researcher is that it provides insight

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Leadership developmental needs – a system for identifying them

Author/s: Marjatta Takala, David Winegar and Jorma Kuusela Edition: Volume 49, Number 1, April 2009 Summary: This study is an evaluation of the developmental needs of business leaders. Altogether, 190 leaders, representing 22 nationalities, participated in 12 four-day training sessions.

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Study circles and the Dialogue to Change Program

Author/s: Mary Brennan and Mark Brophy Edition: Volume 50, Number 2, July 2010 Summary: The origins of study circles can be traced back to the Chautauqua movement in the USA in the late nineteenth century. However, interest diminished in the

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