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Second chance learning in Neighbourhood Houses in Victoria

Author: Tracey Ollis, Karen Starr, Cheryl Ryan, Jennifer Angwin and Ursula Harrison Deakin University Edition: Volume 57, Number 1, April 2017 Summary: Neighbourhood Houses in Victoria are significant sites of formal and informal education for adult learners. Intrinsically connected to local

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Lifelong, life-wide or life sentence?

Author: Terry Clark, Charles Darwin University Edition: Volume 45, Number 1, April 2005 Summary: This paper examines the life-wide dimensions of lifelong learning. Although the benefits of a life-wide approach to learning are well recognised, there appears to be little explicit

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Formal and informal learning opportunities in government organisations: Experiences of public sector employees from six Asian nations

Author/s: Intan A. Mokhtar Edition: Volume 50, Number 2, July 2010 Summary: Lifelong learning and professional development have been the focus of government organisations after the 21st  century was declared the ‘learning century’, amidst the impact of globalisation and growth

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Informal learning in the workplace: A review of the literature

Author/s: Megan Le Clus Edition: Volume 51, Number 2, July 2011 Summary: In the last few decades, the workplace has been increasingly recognised as a legitimate environment for learning new skills and knowledge, which in turn enables workers to participate

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The interrelatedness of formal, non-formal and informal learning: Evidence from labour market program participants

Author/s: Roslyn Cameron, Jennifer L. Harrison Edition: Volume 52, Number 2, July 2012 Summary: Definitions, differences and relationships between formal, non-formal and informal learning have long been contentious.

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