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Gender differences in online participation: Examining a History and a Mathematics Open Foundation online course

Author: Annette Morante, Valerie Djenidi, Helene Clark & Susan West Newcastle University Edition: Volume 57, Number 2, July 2017 Summary: With enrolment and completion rates in the University of Newcastle’s online Open Foundation enabling program being considerably higher for women than

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Houses and sheds in Australia: an exploration of the genesis and growth of neighbourhood houses and men’s sheds in community settings

Author/s: Barry Golding, Helen Kimberley, Annette Foley and Mike Brown Edition: Volume 48, Number 2, July 2008 Summary: This article reviews research into the genesis and spread of both neighbourhood houses and learning centres in Victoria and community-based men’s sheds

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Diverse pathways into higher education: Using students’ stories to identify transformative experiences

Author/s: Robyn Benson, Lesley Hewitt, Margaret Heagney, Anita Devos and Glenda Crosling Edition: Volume 50, Number 1, April 2010 Summary: This paper is based on findings from the first phase of a longitudinal project examining how a group of students

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Adults engaged in lifelong learning in Taiwan: Analysis by gender and socioeconomic status

Author/s: Dian-Fu Chang, Ming-Lieh Wu and Sung-Po Lin Edition: Volume 52, Number 2, July 2012 Summary: This study examines the nature of adult engagement in lifelong learning in Taiwan.

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