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Gender differences in online participation: Examining a History and a Mathematics Open Foundation online course

Author: Annette Morante, Valerie Djenidi, Helene Clark & Susan West Newcastle University Edition: Volume 57, Number 2, July 2017 Summary: With enrolment and completion rates in the University of Newcastle’s online Open Foundation enabling program being considerably higher for women than

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Just another student survey? – Point-of-contact survey feedback enhances the student experience and lets researchers gather data

Author: Warren Lake, William Boyd, Wendy Boyd and Suzi Hellmundt Southern Cross University Edition: Volume 57, Number 1, April 2017 Summary: When student surveys are conducted within university environments, one outcome of feedback to the researcher is that it provides insight

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Diversity and achievement: Is success in higher education a transformative experience?

Authors: Robyn Benson, Margaret Heagney, Lesley Hewitt, Glenda Crosling and Anita Devos; Monash University Summary:  This paper reports on a longitudinal project examining how a group of students from diverse backgrounds succeeded in higher education. The project explored participants’ pathways

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Older undergraduate students bringing years of experience to university studies: Highlights, challenges and contributions

Author: Bronwyn J. Ellis, University of South Australia  Edition: Volume 53, Number 3, November 2013 Summary: Undergraduate students enrolled through two regional locations were surveyed on their experience of being university students in later life. Students aged 55 and over

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Identifying and addressing the needs of adult students in higher education

Author: Karen L. Milheim, Doctoral Student, Penn State University, Harrisburg Edition: Volume 45, Number 1, April 2005 Summary:  As the number of adult students enrolled within higher education programs increases, educational institutions must respond by addressing their needs on a continual

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Faces in tertiary places and spaces: experiences of learning in both higher education and VET

Author/s: Roger Harris Edition: Volume 48, Number 3, November 2008 Summary: The development in today’s society of knowledge workers for tomorrow is of critical importance. Worldwide, there is considerable interest in the respective roles of higher education (HE) and vocational

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