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Adult offenders’ perceptions of rehabilitation programs in Africa

Author: Nomazulu Ngozwana University of South Africa Edition: Volume 57, Number 2, July 2017 Summary: This article reflects on adult offenders’ perceptions of rehabilitation programs in Africa. It also evaluates whether offenders are consulted when planning rehabilitation programs.  Adult education principles

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Bridging to the future: What works?

Author/s: Helen Anderson Edition: Volume 47, Number 3, November 2007 Summary: This paper discusses three levels of ‘what works’ in enabling education – namely, current and successful engagement, transition and future participation, and managing uncertainties. It points to the importance

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Adult learners online: students’ experiences of learning online

Author/s: Wendy M. Knightley Edition: Volume 47, Number 2, July 2007 Summary: Throughout the world, policy-makers are demonstrating their commitment to widening participation in education by promoting alternative pathways to gaining academic qualifications. This  paper reports a study which aimed

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Promoting literacy for adults with intellectual disabilities in a community-based service organisation

Author/s: Karen B. Moni, Anne Jobling, Michelle Morgan and Jan Lloyd Edition: Volume 51, Number 3, November 2011 Summary: Despite the importance of and advocacy for developing literacy skills for successful and rewarding participation in the community, there remains a

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