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“Come in and look around.” Professional development of student teachers through public pedagogy in a library exhibition

Authors: Anne Hickling-Hudson & Erika Hepple, Queensland University of Technology Edition: Volume 55, Number 3, November 2015 Summary:  This paper describes a public pedagogy project embedded into The Global Teacher, a subject within the Bachelor of Education program for student

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Diversity and achievement: Is success in higher education a transformative experience?

Authors: Robyn Benson, Margaret Heagney, Lesley Hewitt, Glenda Crosling and Anita Devos; Monash University Summary:  This paper reports on a longitudinal project examining how a group of students from diverse backgrounds succeeded in higher education. The project explored participants’ pathways

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Transformative pedagogy for social capital

Author/s: Peter Willis Edition: Volume 47, Number 3, November 2007 Summary: This paper explores ways in which pedagogy for an elaborated form of transformative learning can be a useful catalyst for the development of social capital in community and workplace

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An appreciative inquiry into the transformative learning experiences of students in a family literacy project

Author/s: David Giles and Sharon Alderson Edition: Volume 48, Number 3, November 2008 Summary: Educational discourse has often struggled to genuinely move beyond deficit-based language. Even action research, a predominant model for teacher development, starts with the identification of a

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Facilitating transformative learning: a framework for practice

Author/s: Judi Apte Edition: Volume 49, Number 1, April 2009 Summary: This paper explores some of the challenges that are involved in facilitating transformative learning. It presents a framework for practice that considers transformative learning from the perspective of the

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Teaching practice in the making: Shaping and reshaping the field of adult language, literacy and numeracy teaching

Author/s: Jacquie Widin, Keiko Yasukawa and Andrew Chodkiewicz Edition: Volume 52, Number 1, April 2012 Summary: The field of adult language, literacy and numeracy in Australia is a site of struggle as policy changes, new learner groups and new economic

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