Throw your napkin on the floor: Authencity, culinary tourism, and a pedagogy of the senses

Author/s: Lisa Stowe and Dawn Johnston

Edition: Volume 52, Number 3, November 2012

Summary: This article explores the educational objectives of a University of Calgary short-term travel study program (Food Culture in Spain 2011). A combination of secondary research and primary data collected through in-depth interviews with former program participants, as well as student reflective essays written in the field, shows that the sensory experience with food is an important pedagogical tool. Focusing on questions of intentionality, sensory learning, and the meaning of authenticity, we explore the complications inherent in a formal education program built around culinary tourism. We argue that by the end of the three-week program in Spain, students identify as informed culinary tourists who recognize the complexity of authenticity and understand how sensory experiences can inspire and motivate both a bodily and an intellectual understanding of food and their relationship with it.

Keywords: sensory experience, food, pedagogy, culinary tourism

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This article is part of AJAL, Volume 52_3. The entire volume is available in .pdf for purchase here.

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