Volume 45 / Number 1 / April 2005

Interrogating our practices of integrating spirituality into workplace education

Epistemological agency and the new employee

Lifelong, life-wide or life sentence?

Assessing learning achievements and development impact: Ghana’s national functional literacy program

Making connections: A dialogue about learning and teaching in a tertiary enabling program

Millar’s story: The dynamic experience of an older adult computer learner

Identifying and addressing the needs of adult students in higher education

Volume 45 / Number 2 / July 2005

Assessor judgements and everyday worker performance

‘SERPS Up’: Support, Engagement and Retention of Postgraduate Students – a model of postgraduate support

Competent coppers: an analysis of the standards and practices of adult education within the Australian Federal Police

Learning in a bicultural context: A biographical case study

Farmers’ perception of agricultural extension agents’ characteristics as factors for enhancing adult learning in Mezam division of Northwest Province of Cameroon

In the same breath: Learning, adults with an intellectual disability and the Partner Assisted Learning System

The public sale of funds for Indigenous education: a perspective from Tranby Aboriginal College

Volume 45 / Number 3 / November 2005

Issues in using self-evaluations in adult education and training

The globalisation of thinking styles: East meets West or never the twain shall meet

The Workers’ Educational Association of Victoria and the University of Melbourne: A clash of purpose?

Adult learning and recognition of prior learning: The “white elephant” in Australian universities

A tale of two towns: learning community initiatives in Bega and Thuringowa


Basic concepts of the educational science sub-discipline of adult education

An assessment of the status of teachers and the teaching profession in Nigeria