Volume 48 / Number 1 / April 2008

Travelling against the current: an examination of upstream and downstream educational interventions across the life span

Innovations in bridging and foundation education in a tertiary institution

Exploring the contribution of play to social capital in institutional adult learning settings

Adult education, social inclusion and cultural diversity in regional communities

Negotiating learning through stories: mature women, VET and narrative inquiry

“Out of the circle”: international students and the use of university counselling services

A competency approach to developing leaders – is this approach effective?

The emergence of continuing education in China

Literacy teaching method and peace building in multi-ethnic communities of Nigeria

Volume 48 / Number 2 /  July 2008

Professional knowledge formation and organisational capacity building in Australian ACE: lessons from the Victorian Research Circles

Houses and sheds: an exploration of the genesis and growth of neighbourhood houses and men’s sheds in community settings

Listening to individual voices and stories – the mature age student experience

Workplace learning: depression as an ‘undiscussable’ topic in eight information technology organisations in South Australia

The ‘accidental activist’: learning, embodiment and action

Use of development centre methodology to focus workforce learning strategies – case study NSW

A volunteer training framework

‘They’re funny bloody cattle’: encouraging rural men to learn

‘Do the thing you think you cannot do’: the imperative to be an adult learner in order to be a more effective adult educator

Volume 48 / Number 3 /  November 2008

Professional development for professionals: beyond sufficiency learning

Succession planning: does it matter in the context of corporate leadership?

An appreciative inquiry into the transformative learning experiences of students in a family literacy project

Promoting social inclusion: emerging evidence from the Catalyst-Clemente program

Diverse pleasures: informal learning in community

Faces in tertiary places and spaces: experiences of learning in both higher education and VET

The role of the University of the Third Age in meeting needs of adult learners in Victoria, Australia