Volume 57, Number 3, November 2017

How the Men’s Shed idea travels to Scandinavia

Lifelong learning in policy and practice: The case of Sweden

Opportunities for generativity in later life for older men

The engagement of universities in older adult education in Aotearoa New Zealand

Constructing narratives in later life: Autoethnography beyond the academy

Intergenerational exchange of knowledge, skills, values and practices between self-organized active citizens in Maribor, Slovenia

Ageing and learning experiences: The perspective of a Polish senior immigrant in Sweden

Fifty years of learning by older adults in Aotearoa New Zealand

Learning for older adults in Portugal: Universities of the Third Age in a state of change

Learning to live with chronic illness in later life: Empowering myself

Occupational and educational biographies of older workers and their participation in further education in Germany

Mā te ora ka mōhio / ‘Through life there is learning’

Volume 57, Number 2, July 2017

Bringing together learning from two worlds: Lessons from a gender-inclusive community education approach with smallholder farmers in Papua New Guinea

‘The trails to get there’: Experiences of attaining higher education for Igorot Indigenous Peoples in the Philippines

Adult offenders’ perceptions of rehabilitation  programs in Africa

Experiences of bridging program students  at a regional satellite campus

Gender differences in online participation: Examining a History and a Mathematics Open Foundation online course

A reflection on continuing professional education research

Volume 57, Number 1, April 2017

Second chance learning in Neighbourhood Houses in Victoria

Second chance education: barriers, supports and engagement strategies

Insights into attrition from university-based enabling programs

Just another student survey? – Point-of-contact survey feedback enhances the student  experience and lets researchers gather data

Integrated non-formal education and training programs and centre linkages for adult employment in South Africa

On the borders of Pedagogy: Implementing a critical pedagogy for students on the Thai Burma Border

Analysis of an organisation: U3A Mornington, Victoria