Volume 53 / Number 1 / April 2013

Recruiting and retaining learners in workplace literacy programs in New Zealand
John Benseman

Meeting diverse expectations: Department of Tutorial Classes, Sydney University, 1919 to 1963
Darryl Dymock and Ann Kelly

‘Trying to keep up’: The experience of combining full-time VET with work
Michelle Morris

Engaging in continuing education and training: Learning preferences of worker-learners in the health and community services industry
Sarojni Choy, Stephen Billett and Ann Kelly

Time, money, leisure and guilt – the gendered challenges of higher education for mature-age students
Cathy Stone and Sarah O’Shea

The ‘double-edged sword’ of the adult learning environment
Sara Murray and Jane Mitchell

Learning and guidance for older workers in Europe
Pamela M. Clayton, Silvana Greco and Maria Jose Lopez Sanchez

The twenty-first century university and the concept of lifelong learning
Sasa Milic

Volume 53 / Number 2 / July 2013

Using grass roots community programs as an anti-extremism strategy
Robyn Broadbent

A learner perspective on barriers to e-learning
Karen Becker, Cameron Newton, and Sukanlaya Sawang

Effectively teaching diverse student groups: a reflection on teaching and learning strategies
Kathryn Trees

Humanities education as a pathway for women in regional and rural Australia: Clemente Ballarat
Ann Gervasoni, Jeremy Smith, and Peter Howard

Predictors of attrition and achievement in a tertiary bridging program
Robert Whannell

A case study of a volunteer-based literacy class with adults with developmental disabilities
Jacqueline Lynch

Abridged too far? Credit transfer: Examining the transition process from TAFE to University
Theresa Millman

Outside the box: The Danish Folkehojskole as educational innovator
John Collins

Volume 53 / Number 3 / November 2013

Older undergraduate students bringing years of experience to university studies: Highlights, challenges and contributions
Bronwyn J. Ellis

Ready for action and civic engagement: Resilient third age women learners in rural Australia
Glenna Lear

Learning a new lifestyle
Christina Kargillis

Literacy strategies used by adults with intellectual disability in negotiating their everyday community environments
Michelle F. Morgan, Karen B. Moni and Monica Cuskelly

Tertiary study: Barriers and benefits for health and human services professionals
Amy Gibbons and Elizabeth Shannon

Exploring how short-term overseas study programs impact students’ personal growth
Jean-Pierre Fenech, Sylvana Fenech and Jacqueline Birt

The WEA in Australia 1913 – 2013
Denis Binion, Michael Newton and Roger Morris

Adult Education Conferences in 2013
Reviews by various contributors

Book review – Popular education, power and democracy: Swedish experiences and contributions, Ann-Marie Laginder, Henrik Nordvall and Jim Crowther (eds.), NIACE: Leicester 2013.
Reviewed by Michael Christie